Centennial High School Cheerleading Champs!

I delivered a big time greeting to celebrate some young women in Nashville after a challenging year. At the beginning of the pandemic, the JV and Varsity cheerleading teams at Centennial High School in Franklin, TN held virtual try outs. Once the teams were set, the girls learned all of their routines over Zoom! Finally, both squads were able to get everyone tested for COVID so that they could hold in person practice–with masks, of course! Our Franklin Greeter Kevin has a daughter who made the JV squad, which was very exciting. The team was able to participate in some virtual and in person competitions.


Halfway through the season, the JV team was confronted with an unexpected coaching change and some difficult personal news. Many of the girls wanted to quit, especially with big state and national competitions quickly approaching. Instead of quitting, the team stuck together and decided to forge ahead. Both the JV and Varsity squads made it to Nationals and BOTH squads won! It’s exceptionally rare for both JV and Varsity Champions to come from the same school. There was a big banquet to celebrate the National Champs and of course, we had to deliver a greeting for the girls! They had a tough year, but stayed strong and accomplished something together. Go Cougars!



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Smiles & Happiness,

Brutus, The Sign Greeters Birdie


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