Sample Text Messages

Sent 2-3 days in advance of installing (obviously adjust based on your inventory and who recipient is)
Hi, it’s Stacie from Sign Greeters.  For the Happy Birthday letters please PICK TWO choices: (A) pink glitter (B) yellow/orange/pink ombré (C) blue/green/purple mosaic (D) blue/green chevron (E) purple glitter (F) turquoise glitter (G) silver glitter (H) gold glitter (I) pink + gold stars (J) red glitter (K) blue glitter (L) tie dye (M) blue/green/yellow argyle (N) blue/grey camo (O) pink/purple/turquoise ombré (P) green glitter (Q) blue ombré (R) purple watercolor (S) pink watercolor (T) turquoise.  I can’t guarantee color for the name or additional words, this is just for the HBD letters. You can see samples here: or  Thanks!

Sent when OTW to install
Hi, it’s Sign Greeters! You’re the next stop, we are about 10-20 minutes away from installing. If you have a specific area for the sign, please let me know before arrival as the signs cannot be moved once installed. You’ll get an email confirmation right when we are done.  It will take about 30-90 minutes to Install depending on the terrain. Thanks!

Sent right after install
I just sent you an email confirmation. I hope she loves her sign! Just a reminder, please do not remove or re-locate any of the signage, we will be back to pickup Thursday . Enjoy 🥳!!

Sent 5 days after installing if they haven’t provided a review
Hi, I hope you all loved your sign! I would so appreciate it if you could please do a google review for Sign Greeters. Thanks kindly!